Mechanical Extract Ventilation

What is MEV?

Mechanical Extract Ventilation (MEV) is a system designed to extract damp, stale air from rooms where moisture is generated, such as kitchens and bathrooms. It ventilates a room continuously at a low rate, with a ‘boost’ function when higher moisture is detected.

Like the MVHR system, it is a great solution for a wide range of builds from one-bed apartments to student cluster accommodation and nursing homes. It can be designed to extract from an individual room to several apartments simultaneously.

Why use MEV?

MEV is a more successful type of ventilation for new-builds than traditional bathroom fans. As the system is designed to run continuously, it prevents stale, moist air from building up. This eliminates mould and condensation, providing a healthier living environment and prevents long-term damage to a property.

MEV is also more cost-effective to supply and install than using multiple individual extract fans in a build.